Virginia Beach

Junk Removal & Hauling Services in Virginia Beach

We have been working for a number of years to build an excellent reputation here in Virginia Beach as the number one Junk Removal and Hauling Service. Please don’t just take our word for it however – feel free to peruse the various real customer testimonials we have collected over the years, customers just like you who have been delighted with the excellent service they have received!

If you are a domestic customer it is entirely possible that you may not have hired a Junk Removal and Hauling Company before, and therefore may not know exactly what to expect from us.

Even if you are a commercial customer who’s hired a company such as us before, you still may not know what exactly it is that we do!

Junk removal is, after all, not a particularly thrilling topic. Most of us prefer to simply not think too closely about who handles our junk, or even what becomes of it after it is hauled away.

We however like to think a little differently. We prefer to be open and transparent with our customers, both in terms of how we operate and why we think we’re the best at doing what we do.

Here then is a brief, step-by-stop guide to the Junk Removal and Hauling Service that you can expect from us. By being open and upfront, we feel that we set high standards for ourselves, and it is by always aiming to meet these standards that we can offer you the best possible service.

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The very first step of getting your junk removed and hauled – every job starts with an estimate of our charges. If you can supply a measure of your junk removal needs, it will help us to provide the best possible estimate to you.

Cubic yardage is a great way to measure your junk if possible – or an itinerary of the items and their rough sizes.

After our initial estimate, or even before we supply one in some cases, we will perform a site visit, so our staff can amend the estimate if necessary, and so that we can prepare the correct resources to meet your needs.

Fair Pricing

We will always endeavor to supply not only accurate estimates but also fair, competitive prices.

Whilst you will probably be able to find cheaper quotes than we will supply, the companies or individuals who supply these quotes will not offer the same level of professionalism that we will supply. Whilst we will always endeavor to supply the most competitive quotes possible, it is only possible to significantly undercut these quotes by lowering overall service standards – something we refuse to do.

Collection Part 1 – Speed

We know that you don’t want junk or construction debris hanging around for long. It’s not pleasant to look at and, further it can provide a health hazard by harboring rats and other vermin, as well as being a trip hazard.

Therefore from the moment you contact us for the initial estimate we will aim to get a team onsite with you to begin work as soon as possible.

Collection Part 2 – Experienced Staff

Once we get our staff on site with you, we know that they have the experience, the tools and the training to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Whether this is a simple collection of junk for hauling, or even if you require some light demolition and/or dismantling, our staff have the training and experience to tackle anything.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on the excellent customer service that we supply during every interaction between our staff and our customers. You will find our teams working hard to minimize any stress to you during the removal process.

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Collection Part 3 – Comprehensive Collection

If we say we will take it away, then you can rely on us doing just that – this is our promise to you, and one of the reasons that we the very best Junk Removal and Hauling Company in Virginia Beach.

With very few exception – such as liquids and loose hazardous waste – we have the training, experience, tools and resources to tackle just about anything, We will however be perfectly upfront with you regarding any junk or trash that we are not able to collect.

Therefore you know exactly what you are getting when you decide to hire us with no surprises or arguments on removal day.


Ok, a small disclaimer here – we won’t be laying down a new carpet or hanging wallpaper for you when we’ve removed your junk!

Our teams will however always endeavor to leave the area in as good a condition as possible. Whether this is hosing down an outside area or sweeping the floor we feel this is an extra level of professionalism that you deserve when you hire us.

In addition, our experienced and well trained teams will always try their best to minimize additional mess during junk removal and any other services that we supply. This may mean selecting the best route to carry the junk through your property, laying protective material and helping to pack and carry the junk in a way to minimize spillages.


We worry about your junk so that you don’t have to – because, frankly, who does want to worry it (apart from us of course!)

Really though, you want to know that once your junk is out of sight, it is out of mind and that is exactly what you can expect from us. At the same time, we don’t take our responsibilities lightly, and we work hard with several local companies and charities to ensure that as much of the junk we work with is recycled as possible – and as little as possible ends up thrown into landfill.

As we discussed above, the very first step is providing an estimate for our services. To that end, if the above has interested you, then please by all means contact us at your earliest convenience – by phone, e-mail or face to face to face in our office if you prefer, so we can get busy clearing your junk!