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Junk & Trash Removal Services We Provide

Our company does junk removal & hauling here in the Hampton Roads area, with areas we serve the most being Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chsapeake.

Trash and yard debris don’t belong anywhere near your home or place of business, which is why it’s our duty to help you get rid of it as quickly and as efficiently as possible, no matter if it’s residential or commercial junk…

Bottom Line is it’s gotta go.

So go ahead and give us a call, no matter if you need service in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake area, we can definitely help and provide a hassle-free estimate for the work.


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Ethical Disposal

Unfortunately, your trash and junk does not simply evaporate into the atmosphere once it’s left your property.

We have long established and well documented processes for the safe disposal of your junk and trash, including recycling as much as possible. At present, around half of hauled junk simply ends up tossed into landfill sites. Ethical companies such as us believe this to be a terrible waste – and frankly, completely unsustainable.

We therefore work hard to avoid this, whilst ensuring our prices remain competitive.

Complete Clean Up

As a professional company, we pride ourselves on providing a professional service, and this extends to post-junk removal clean up.

Our crews will always endeavour to not only remove every last piece of junk, trash and debris, but where possible will also do their best to leave the removal area in as best condition as possible. This may include, for example, hosing and sweeping an area of small pieces of rubble debris and dust.

We’re not going to paint the walls for you or lay a new carpet! But where possible, we’ll lave the area as clean as possible, so you can het straight in there and start using your new space.

Competitive Pricing

Finally, perhaps the most important part! After all, it’s all well and good us explaining how we are the best Junk Removal and Hauling Company in Hampton Roads – if no one can afford to hire us!

Therefore we will always endeavour to keep our prices as low and as competitive as possible, whilst never lowering the standard of our service. That is our promise to you as our customer – The Best Possible service for the lowest possible price.


We hope that this has given you a good idea of how and why we do what we do. If you’re interested in engaging our services – no matter the size of the job – then please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or come and see us at our office for a friendly, face-to-face chat.

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