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Choosing a good junk removal and hauling company can sometimes seem like something of a challenge.

After all, it’s not a service that most people use with regularity, usually just a few times in out lifetimes. This can make it hard to get personal recommendations from your friends and neighbours.

What’s more, this lack of regular exposure can make it hard to select the best companies from the duds.

Avoid accidentally booking an out of shape man with a bad back and a rusty pickup truck, and call us instead.

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A company that can’t get to you quickly is, frankly, one to avoid. Ideally, a good junk removal company will be with you within 24 to 48 hours of you making first contact – whether this is for an onsite estimate or to actually complete the work.

A company which constantly delays you is not getting off on the right foot and, what’s more, it’s indicative of a company that either doesn’t care about your business, or is too busy to get the job done properly.

Comprehensive Removal

A good junk removal company will be able to remove most kinds of junk – it is after all right there in the business name. Whether we are talking rubble from construction works or old mattresses, be wary of a company who turns down certain parts of your job. A good company will take everything away, which will result in far less hassle for you.

The caveat to this rule is that are a few exceptions! These will likely be hazardous materials, and most liquids. The list of things that a good junk removal and hauling company will take away though should be far bigger than the list of things they won’t touch.

If the opposite is true, then walk away.

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Appropriate vehicle & tools

Remember that guy with the rusty pick up truck we mentioned above? That is an example of an inappropriate vehicle.

Don’t get us wrong, sometimes a single person with a small van or pick up can actually be the right thing for a job – say if it’s a small collection, or the access is a problem.

The issue arises however when one man and van is the only option for the removal of your junk – particularly if it’s a large-scale job! Too small a vehicle and not enough workers is going to stretch out a job over a longer time than it should take – and cost you a load of extra money you shouldn’t have to pay.

These two examples highlight the need for the right kinds of tools and vehicles to be employed for your job. If you can, make sure the company you intend to use has a fleet of vehicles, at least one of which should be the appropriate size for your job.

The workforce sent to complete your job should have all the tools they require to do it safely, and they should also have the correct protective equipment and clothing where necessary.

Try to find some images of the vehicles and staff online to ensure they match these requirements. If they don’t even carry images of them on the company website, that should be a massive red flag.

Straightforward pricing

Some companies will estimate their costs based on the volume of the junk to be removed  – i.e. how much space it will occupy in their vehicle. They will also factor in labor costs to give one single, easy to understand price point.

Other companies will charge a flat per hour rate that will often also often be based on the weight of the junk and trash.

We would recommend going with companies that price using the first method. Pricing by weight is difficult to calculate in advance, and by the hour can be somewhat open-ended.

Ask about their disposal methods

Finally, it’s important to understand just what will happen to your trash and junk after it has been collected. Any company that you consider hiring should have a well established and comprehensive policy for the disposal of whatever they collect.

What’s more, they should be open and upfront about their disposal policies, and should be able to tell you exactly what they will do.

And that’s it, pretty straightforward really! Just bear these helpful tips in mind, use a fair pinch of common sense and you will be able to find an excellent company to solve all of your junk removal and hauling needs.

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